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Surrogacy is an arrangement where a woman carries a baby for another couple or person. This may be an option for a woman who is unable to carry a pregnancy, for same-sex male couples or single men wanting to have a child.


Surrogacy in Australia must be arranged altruistically, ie. surrogates can only be reimbursed for their time, but not paid for carrying a pregnancy. A surrogate cannot both carry the pregnancy and contribute the egg; therefore, the egg needs to come from the intending mother or an egg donor. Embryos therefore need to be formed through IVF/ICSI, in a laboratory.


Surrogacy timeline:

  1. Initial consultation/information session with an IVF counsellor (minimum period to complete assessment period 6-12 months)

  2. Medical assessment of surrogate, intending parents and/or donor and registration with IVF clinic

  3. Counselling for surrogate (and partner), intending parents and/or donor/s

  4. Psychological assessment of the surrogate (and partner) and intending parents by independent psychologists

  5. Legal advice for the surrogate and partner, and intending parents by independent legal advisors

  6. Patient review panel for assessment of case

  7. Commencement of IVF treatment

  8. Embryos undergo 3 month quarantine period before being transferred into surrogate

  9. Post delivery support counselling offered to all parties


Further information about surrogacy and finding a surrogate:

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