For single women wanting to explore their fertility options, the  best place to start is with a consultation. A thorough medical, gynaecological and family history is taken followed by clinical examination if necessary. Once the   required information is available , treatment options that are discussed. 

Egg freezing and fertility preservation:

Some women choose to freeze their eggs because they are aware of the impact age has on their fertility and they would like to give themselves options in later years andother women need to freeze for medical reasons such as impaired ovarian function due to imminent chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatment for cancer. During egg freezing, mature unfertilised eggs are stored for future use in an attempt preserve potential fertility. Egg freezing is no longer in the research phase and is commonly undertaken. Anju can discuss the process of egg freezing and success rates in detail with you in a consultation. 


Intrauterine insemination (IUI) donor

IUI  is often performed  for women wanting to become a parent using  donor sperm. IUI involves sperm being  inserted directly into a woman’s uterus  at the time of ovulation. Women have the option of using  a known donor  or an anonymous donors recruited by the clinic.

In  Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) using a sperm donor  

IVF is usually undertaken when IUI has failed or there are other  fertility issues that may require IVF such as tubal blockage, endometriosis or severe PCOS. Sometimes IVF with embryo testing is electively undertaken when a woman is advanced in age. 


Information for you

Initial consultations  can take up to 60 minutes. Anju will take a thorough history, perform a gynaecological examination (if indicated) and review any investigations already performed. More investigation may be ordered if required. Further appointments may then be organised to discuss results and plan treatment as necessary.

Consultation fees
Initial consultation  

     Item No-104 — $250.00  Medicare Rebate — $72.75  Out of Pocket — $177.25

Subsequent consultations

     Item No-105 — $200.00  Medicare Rebate — $43.00  Out of Pocket — $107.00


Please ring our rooms  to understand the fees and rebates that apply.